About the Course

Thanks to conscientious green staff and management, Minto, set in undulating parkland with mature woodland, has become one of the most beautifully tailored golf courses in the South of Scotland. The club was established in 1928 and is spectacularly placed between the Minto Hills and the Teviot Valley, which is one of the Borders’ loveliest.

The town of Minto appears in 1383 in a list of rentals paid to Roxburgh Castle. It was burned in a raid about 1490, then again in 1545 along with most of the surrounding area. It stretched in a staggered line along a north-west axis near the old church. Another cluster of houses stood on the roadside near West Lodge; one was occupied by the village cooper, giving rise to the Cooper’s Brae. The old town had a change house, a public host house, a brew-house (supplied by local barley malted nearby), a school (established in the 17th century) and a shop. Lint fields behind Minto Crags were spun and woven into linen by the villagers, while Minto Moss, Langhope, and Shielswood provided peats for fuel. There was also a mill near East Lodge on the Ancrum road, fed by a cauld above Spittal Ford.

Our tireless Greenkeepers

Fly though Each Hole at Minto Golf Club

First Tee: Gibbies Glebe

Second Tee: Volunteers

Third Tee: Aintree

Fourth Tee: Stewart’s View

Fifth Tee: Hoggie’s Leap

Sixth Tee: Kirk Tower

Seventh Tee: Fatlips

Eighth Tee: Benign Bishop

Ninth Tee: Kittock

Tenth Tee: Hangin’ Stane

Eleventh Tee: Dunion

Twelvth Tee: Everest

Thirteenth Tee: Craigmount

Fourteenth Tee: Teviotdale

Fifteenth Tee: Ruberslaw

Sixteenth Tee: Road Hole

Seventeenth Tee: West Lodge

Eighteenth Tee: Shaw’s Bush


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