Club Diary 2018

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Club Diary 2018

diary iconAs part of our programme of cost savings we will not be distributing a printed diary to all members this year.

A few printed copies will be placed in the Spike Entrance, the Changing Rooms and the Lounge Bar, but please note that these copies should remain in the Clubhouse

However you can print the diary yourselves from either of the first two files below.  The PDF file is the easiest to print as a booklet.  If you have a printer that can handle double sided printing, then the whole diary can be printed on eight sheets of paper.  The Word Document can also be printed as a booklet.  The trouble though with tables in Word files is that they don't always format the same way on copies of Word where the standard format settings are different from the version of Word used to create the original.  The PDF file will appear the same on all computers.

A Diary is an evolving document.  There will be changes throughout the year.  The website files will be updated in the lgiht of changes. The footer on each page shows the date of the most recent change.  A changelog file is also available below, so you can quickly see what changes have been made.

To download the Diary, click on one of the first two links below.  To view the changes since the first draft of the Diary, click on the Changelog link.

The Diary and the Changelog were last updated on 12th June when the dates of a few events were changed

Please note the PDF file may open in a window or it may just download to a directory on your Computer.  It dsepends on how your computer is set up to handle downloaded PDFs.

PDF copy of the Diary

Microsoft Word copy of the Diary

Changelog - Microsoft Word file