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Security on the Spike Entrance - Updated!

key codeIn line with many Golf Clubs, we have increased security on the door into the Changing Rooms. Access to the Changing Rooms through the Spike Entrance nol requirse you to key in a 4 digit code on a keypad to the left of the door.  You will be able to get into the Changing Rooms from 6am to midnight.  If the rest of the Clubhouse is open you will be able to go from the Changing Rooms to the Lounge Bar or the Administrator's office in the normal way.  However, if the rest of the Clubhouse is closed, you will be restricted to the Changing Rooms and toilets.

Recently when the Clubhouse closed early you couldn't get into the Changing Rooms at all.  With this new system, even if you play to when it gets dark you will be able to use the washroom and changing facilities.  There will probably be a few occasions next year when the main Clubhouse has to be closed whilst there are still a few golfers playing competitions.  We are looking at ways of collecting the cards  in the Changing Rooms after you play and even thinking of ways we could make touchscreen score entry available in the lobby in front of the Changing Room doors.  Don't hold your breath on the second bit although we have proved it is technically feasible.  The more mundane issues of securing the necessary hardware has still to be resolved.

The code for the keypad was  e-mailed last Wednesday evening  (30th August) to every active golfing member at Minto, including Juniors and Juveniles, who have given the club a valid e-mail address. The Club Administrator or  Lounge Bar staff can give you the code if you did not receive an e-mail.  The code WILL NOT be displayed on the website.  Every so often, the code will be changed although we haven't yet determined the period between changes.

To exit from the Spike Entrance you will need to press on a switch on he wall to the right of the door to release the electromagnet securing the door.  This is a fairly standard feature of secure doors.