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Teemendous Cookery - New!

14 CookeryTrish Kirkpatrick writes that 'Teemendous Christmas Treats' was the title of the Christmas Cookery Demonstration in the Clubhouse on Wednesday 15th November, but we should  really call it a 'Tremendous Christmas Treat and Afternoon Tea' which was appreciated by many friends of Minto and golfers, not to forget the one gentleman who is currently extending his culinary skills and is also extremely handy when it comes to putting up and tidying away the tables. 

Every slate plate, which consisted of the traditional sandwich, haggis canape, lemon/mincemeat palmiers, a fruit cream in a shott pot and the christmas chocolate truffle, so well decorated (it looked like a mini Christmas pudding with “the Oliver Twist,” with a sneaky Malteser in the middle hiding from our taste buds!), was what made up our scrumptious “Tea”.  After many Oohs and Aahs in admiration of the colourful array of these tempting goodies to be indulged in and eaten, the plates were emptied and there were no extras anywhere!   Just like the tickets which disappeared so fast at the mention of an Oliver cookery demo! 

Carolyn also prepared and cooked a braised venison, beef and beetroot casserole which was raffled as the first prize.  Carolyn Oliver, a golfer at Minto who is an expert in cookery, demonstrated her culinary skills, not to mention her witty comments and jokes that had us all laughing and being quite noisy in appreciation at times.

14 Cookery

Chef Mark and Stewardess Viv, who had prepared our tea following the recipe instructions, had made up the plates and were elated.  All this would not have been possible without the Sponsorship of Geo & Jas Oliver WS of Hawick and the forbearence of the gentlemen golfers who were sidelined to a corner of the club rooms for this one afternoon in time.

The raffle was drawn and many ladies received some exciting gifts following the Christmas theme.  A gross figure of £800+ was added to the Club’s funds; a proportion of this will go to planting daffodils at Carolyn’s request. (The ground staff have been consulted)

An exceptional Team effort by everyone for a very happy enjoyable afternoon.  Many thanks for everyone’s contributions

Now ladies onto the next challenge, our Christmas Fair on 25th November.  Mulled wine, tea and coffee and a mince pie/shortbread await you.  Tickets cost £2.50.  We all have a sweet tooth so “Come along”, try our home baking and the rest, and enjoy the Minto welcome.

Trish Kirkpatrick Ladies Golf Section Secretary

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