Gents Seniors - Innings and Seniors AGM - 17th October

seniors logThe Innings and Gents Seniors AGM is scheduled for Wednesday 17th October at 12 noon.  The Innings is played as a 13-hole strokeplay event using holes 1 to 10, 14, 17 and 18.  Handicaps are 13/18 of National Handicaps.  Gents Seniors are all Minto male members over the age of 55.  All players in this category are invited to play in the Innings.  There will be a £2 entry fee to cover prizes, which will be something different from the usual cash prizes.  To get an idea of numbers, please sign up on the sheet alongside.  If we get lots of entries, we will start from lots of tees. 

Traditionally, the Innings is followed by a meal and the Seniors AGM.  This year, given Council’s decision to close the Lounge Bar and Kitchen over Winter except for special events, we will be unable to serve a dinner.

However, the Seniors AGM will go ahead, round about 2:30 to 3:00pm.  It is no secret that I will be stepping down from all roles at Minto Golf Club at the end of this year.  The first role I will be relinquishing will be those of Seniors Convener and Seniors Treasurer.  These roles are usually combined, but there is no reason why they should be.  If you are willing to take on a role in Minto Seniors, please let me know [].  A contested election would make a pleasant change from the situation in recent years

Please note that is just the Gents Seniors AGM  The Golf Club AGM is scheduled for Monday 26th November

An Innings is an Outing that say at home [In]

Duncan Shiell

Seniors Convener & Treasurer 2018