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Coring the Greens - Help please, tomorrow!

coring 2018 01Paul, Daniel and JP will be undertaking the annual coring of the greens on Monday 24th September [Date now confirmed].  As in previous years, Paul is looking for help from members to collect the cores from the surface of the greens.  If you can help and please let Paul know either by e-mail or by phone.  It would be useful if you could bring along a snow shovel or other similar tool to help lift the cores off the greens.  Work will start early in the morning. 

For more details, Paul can be contacted on 07850767116 or cranny2@outlook.com 

Coring" is a golf course maintenance term that refers to the process through which putting greens (and sometimes fairways) are aerated. The process of aeration is a course maintenance technique that loosens the soil, opens up growing room for turfgrass roots, and helps air, moisture and nutrients get to the roots. Coring is the way all that is done: A special machine removes small cores (or plugs) of sod from a green, leaving a hole (and sometimes the removed core) behind. This process is done once, sometimes twice, a year at golf courses.

coring 2018 01


coring 2018 02