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Knockout tournaments - deadlines and entry fees

unpaidThe deadline for the current round of mist knockout competitions (Gents Hole Cup, Gents Pye Lyle, Gents seniors Matchplay and Huntlyburn Cup) is Sunday 22nd July.  The Ladies Hole Cup deadline is 31st July.  Please ensure that your match is played by then. Also, there are a few unpaid entry fees for the Gents and Huntlyburn competitions.  If your name is not highlighted on the Draw Sheets in the Spike Entrance or Changing Rooms then we have no record of your entry fee being paid.  We have the empty payment envelopes from everyone we believe has paid. 

The money in the box for each competition equates to the number of envelopes.  If your name is not highlighted, please pay your entry fees as soon as possible.

On the other hand, there is one pair who have paid their entry fee twice for the Huntlyburn Cup and there was one gent who paid for a competition he didn't enter.  One of those overpayments has been returned.