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Birneyknowe Windfarm Public Enquiry - Minto Clubhouse

inquiry iconMembers may have seen the recent press notices that the Birneyknowe Windfarm Inquiry is to hold public sessions in the Lounge Bar of Minto Clubhouse on weekdays in two separate weeks commencing Mondays 5th and 19th March respectively.  On Monday 5th March the opening session will begin at 10:00am.  The exact date and starting time for the remaining sessions will be announced by the reporter on the first day. 

Minto Members and Visitors should be aware that they will not have access to the Lounge Bar whilst the enquiry is in session.  The Changing Rooms will be open and accessible through the Spike Entrance door.  Everyone associated with the Inquiry will have access to the toilets in the Changing Rooms.

We regret the inconvenience that lack of access to the Lounge Bar may cause, but the Inquiry use the Clubhouse will generate income for the Golf Club.