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Minto Opens 2018

Minto Golf Club offers eleven Opens in 2018. 

Many are 2018 editions of longstanding Minto Opens.  However there are two new ones:

  • Gents Senior Stableford Open in May; and
  • GIS Masters Texas Scramble Open in conjunction with Golf in Scotland in June

The preferred method of entry for Minto Opensin 2018 is via the BRS online booking system links shown below.  Minto Golf Club does not ask for any financial details when taking Open bookings and no password is required if you enter via the links below.  Paper entry forms are more time consuming for us to handle, but they may be found on the Golf Empire Website.

The Start Lists for all Opens will be updated as Entries are received. These lists can be viewed through the View links below or by clicking the Open Start Lists link on the website Home Page.

To make an entry, click on the relevant BRS, link in the Table below

Entries for all Opens except the GIS Masters Texas Scramble, will open on 1st January 2018

Competition Enter Start List
Gents Senior Stableford Open - Thursday 10th May BRS View
GIS Masters Mixed Texas Scramble Open - Sunday 10th June BRS View
Macmillan Mixed Greensomes Open - Friday 15th June BRS View
Minto Junior Open - Saturday 16th June BRS View
Gents 3-Man Team Open - Saturday 23rd June BRS View
Ladies Senior Team  Open - Wednesday 18th July BRS View
Margaret Donaldson Mixed Greensomes Open - Saturday 4th August BRS View
Gents Senior Open - Tuesday 7th August BRS View
Ladies Greensomes Open - Saturday 1st September BRS View
Gents Senior 4 Ball Better Ball Open - Thursday 20th September BRS View
Minto Gents Open - Saturday 22nd September BRS View