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Ladies Results 2014

Mixed Billy Hughes Memorial Trophy - Saturday 29th March

1st: Gill Cartwright, Albert Thompson, Tom Hartop and Joseph Flynn - Gross 63, Net 55.4

2nd: Agnes Mather, Brian Howden, Ron Elliot and Robert Johnson - Gross 66, Net 57.7

3-Club Competition [13 holes] - Wednesday 9th April

1st Liz Lendrum - net 58 (winner on countback)

2nd Mary Walker - net 58

Old Course Cup - Saturday 12th April

1st Sharon Lees 80-8=72

2nd Lynn Bruce 98-25=73

3rd Merrick Innes 95-17=78

Ladies Salver No 1 - Sunday 13th April

1st Lynn Bruce 96-25=71

2nd Susan Law 112-35=77

3rd Mary Hart 101-21=80

4th Margaret Bland 109-29=80

Lowest Gross of 96 returned by Lynn Bruce [Bronze] and Jean Beattie [Silver]

Ladies Teviotdale No 1 - Tuesday 15th April

1st Lynn Bruce 89-24=65

2nd Gill Cartwright 104-31=73

3rd  Mary Hart 94-21=73

Lowest Gross of 89 was shot by Lynn Bruce, but Jean Beattie would win the Scratch Competition with her 92

Ladies Marie Curie Stableford - Sunday 20th April

1st Anne Paterson 32

2nd Sue James 29

3rd Ellen Learmonth 27

Ladies Coronation Foursomes Stableford - Tuesday 22nd April

1st Lynn Bruce and Susan Law 30

2nd Gill Cartwright and Helen Todd 33

Clubhouse Trophy - Saturday 26th April

1st Janice Elliot 97-26=71

2nd Ellen Learmonth 98-25=73

3rd Mary Towers 96-22=74

Lowest Ladies Gross was shot by Sharon Lees on 91

The overall Clubhouse Trophy was won by Stewart Paisley 77-16=61

Ladies Medal No 1 - Sunday 27th April

1st Carole Allott 88-13=75

2nd Mary Hart 97-21=76

3rd Flora Kerr 98-21=77

Given that Carole Allott features in the overall results, the scratch winner would be Jean Beattie with a gross 94

Ladies Salver No 2 - Tuesday 29th April

1st Susan Law 105-35=70

2nd Flora Kerr 96-21=75

3rd Mary Glendinning 91-15=76

Scratch Winner was Lesley Manson with a gross 95

Ladies Medal No 2 - Saturday 10th May

1st Carole Allott 84-13=71

2nd Flora Kerr 93-21=72

3rd Lynn Bruce 100-22=78

Scratch Winner was Jean Beattie with a gross 97

Ladies Teviotdale Cup No 2, Championship Qualifier No 1 - Sunday 18th May

1st Flora Kerr 91-21=70

2nd Lynn Bruce 93-22=71

3rd Joan English 96-25=71

Scratch Winner was Jean Beattie with a gross 92 [on countback]

SLGA Brooch - Tuesday 20th May

1st Margaret Bland 97-29=68

2nd Lynn Bruce 91-22=69

3rd Freda Robertson 104-33=71

Scratch Winner was Mary Glendinning with a gross 89

Ladies Salver No 3 - Wednesday 28th May

1st Liz Lendrum 102-29=73

2nd Freda Robertson 108-32=76

3rd Lynn Bruce 98-21=77

Scratch Winner was Lesley Moore with a gross 94

Charity Stableford - Saturday 1st June

1st Mary Towers 36 points

2nd Janice Elliot 35 points

3rd Sharon Lees 34 points

Ladies Teviotdale Cup No 3, Championship Qualifier No 2 - Thursday 5th June

1st Flora Kerr 92-21=71

2nd Gill Cartwright 106-31=75

3rd Lynn Bruce 96-21=75

Scratch Winner was Sharon Lees with a gross 90

Ladies Medal No 3 - Wednesday 11th June 2014

1st Karen Telfer 93-19=74

2nd Cathie Mackie 101-26=75

3rd Kaija Sanford 100-25=75

Scratch Winner was Jean Beattie with a gross 90

Ladies Teviotdale Cup No 4 - Thursday 3rd July

1st Gill Cartwright 99-31=68

2nd Karen Telfer 89-19=70

3rd Mary Towers 91-20=71

Scratch Winner was Flora Kerr with a gross 93

Ladies Salver No 4, David Marchbanks Trophy - Thursday 10th July

1st Karen Telfer 90-19=71

2nd Sandra McCarthy 107-35=72

3rd Mary Walker 103-29=74

Scratch Winner was Cherry Thom with a gross 90

Ladies Medal No 4 - Tuesday 15th July

1st Lynn Bruce 91-20=71

2nd Marilyn Adams 101-28=73 after countback

3rd Cathie Mackie 100-27=73

Scratch Winner was Jean Beattie with a gross 86

Millennium Trophy - Sunday 20th July

1st Marilyn Adams 100-28=72 after countback

2nd Helen Todd 108-36=72

3rd Lesley Moore 86-13=73

Scratch Winner was Jean Beattie with a gross 85

Ladies Medal No 5 - Sunday 3rd August

1st Lynn Bruce 90-20=70

2nd Cathie Mackie 97-27=70

3rd Mary Towers 91-19=72

Scratch Winner was Lesley Moore with a gross 89

Ladies Salver No 5 - Wednesday 6th August

1st Helen Todd 105-36=69

2nd Gill Cartwright 100-30=70

3rd Mary Towers 92-19=73

Scratch Winner was Lynn Bruce with a gross 94

Ladies Salver No 6, Minto Bell - Sunday 17th August

1st Carole Allott 82-13=69

2nd Flora Kerr 96-20=76

3rd Sue James 103-26=77 after countback

Scratch Winner was Jean Beattie with a gross 95

Stewart & Paula Aitchison Memorial Trophy - Saturday 23rd August

The two leading Ladies were Lynn Bruce and Margaret Bland who both returned net 72s after adjustment

Ladies Open - Saturday 6th September




Strokes played

Silver Scratch

Mags Morrison



Bronze Scratch

Anne Paterson



Silver Handicap

Karen Telfer


Gross 86 Net 67

Bronze Handicap

Mandy Short


Gross 92 Net 70

2nd Handicap

Linda Geatons


Gross 94 Net 71

3rd Handicap

Ann Teague


Gross 90 Net 71

4th Handicap

Katie Whiteford

Craigmillar Park

Gross 105 Net 73

Senior Ladies Salver Walker Quaich - Wednesday 17th September

1st Trish Kirkpatrick 94-23=71

2nd Joan McLaren 108-36=72

3rd Mary Glendinning 91-16=75

Scratch Winner was probably Anne Paterson with 96 after countback

Ladies Lothian Rosebowl - Saturday 27th September

1st Karen Telfer 86-18-68

2nd Lynn Bruce 90-19=71

3rd Flora Kerr 92-20=72

Scratch Winner was Cherry Thom with 90