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Draw for the Ladies Hole Cup 2019

Updated to  2nd July

By 31st May  By 30th June
By 31st July
By 31st August
Sena Paterson
> Joan English      
Joan English
   > Flora Kerr    
Susan Law
> Flora Kerr    
Flora Kerr
Cherry Thom  
Mary Glendinning
> Mary Towers  
Mary Towers
   > Cherry Thom
Cherry Thom
> Cherry Thom    
Ann Witherington
Nancy Allinson
> Nancy Allinson    
Joyce Michie
   > Janice Cambridge  
Janice Cambridge
> Janice Cambridge    
Carolyn Oliver
    > Janice Cambridge
Marilyn Adams
 > Marilyn Adams      
Marion King
  > Maureen Robson  
Maureen Robson
> Maureen Robson      
Trish Kirkpatrick